Exhibiting at Meltdown instructions

FRIDAY MARCH 26, 3-8:30pm Meltdown Comics Installation

Wanna show your work at Meltdown Comics?

You must drop off your work prepared to hang or display.

Drop off work from 12-9pm starting Wednesday, March 24-Friday March 26 at Meltdown Gallery.

Also, make a name card with your name and pricing along with an inventory list including

item descriptions, wholesale prices and your contact info.

Meltdown Comics: 7522 W. Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, Ca 90046

SATURDAY MARCH 27, 3-8pm Meltdown Comics Reception and Sale/Swap

Bring everyone you know to come and check out all of the stuff available for sale.

You are welcome to continue to swap. Cash sales are preferred.

You are responsible for all settling all of your sales with Meltdown, they will take a percentage of your sales.

Your items may be chosen for store inventory so make sure you have great packaging!

You may take your work home that night or leave it until Sunday and take it home then.

Any questions? Please feel free to ask Lorenzo Hurtado or Hazel Mandujano

our emails:

Lorenzo: lhurtado@otis.edu

Hazel: hazelmandujano@yahoo.com

You can make anything you want, and we’ll help you.

This is a great opportunity for you to get your work out there and get to know your peers!